Women Are Not Aware That They Have a Pelvic Floor

You read that right...that is crazy, isn’t it?

In a yet to be published study that was conducted at a university in Cork, Ireland, they discovered that there is a low level of knowledge amongst the less than 1,000 women in the study about their pelvic floor. What the study found was that just by having simple awareness of their pelvic floor and the exercises, many pelvic floor issues can be reduced or addressed much more readily than they already are.

They interviewed one woman in her 50s who was suffering from stress and urge incontinence that was severely affecting her quality of life. She had been told about some pelvic floor exercises she could do in her 30s after having children but never did them, Started having issues in her 40s and then didn’t really take action to address it until she was in her 50s! This is what is happening to many women in Ireland, imagine the numbers of women who have similar stories and issues like that here in the US. Luckily, she did find treatment, through the use of a trans-vaginal laser treatment where she did find success. There was, unfortunately, no mention of physical therapy, but there is so much that pelvic floor PT can do to help with these conditions.

It all starts with self-awareness. Awareness of what your body is doing. Knowing what your baseline or your normal is. When you are aware of your normal being off, then taking the correct action to correct it can be so much easier and less expensive. And that could be physical therapy, trying a new treatment or just talking to your doctor. I am advocating for anything that will help turn up the dial on your issue so that it can be addressed, however, I am partial to physical therapy :) Learning and talking about this part of your body should not be embarrassing and we need to make sure we have trusted health professionals on our side that we can feel comfortable talking to them about these topics or they will never get brought up.

To all the women reading this and yeah, even the men, could you take a mirror to your or your partner’s yoni and identify all of the structures and orifices that are there? Doesn’t even have to be the medical term...do you know what each part is and what they do for you? If not, seek out a pelvic floor PT, an OB/GYN or a trusted medical professional who is willing to take the time to go through what your most intimate body part consists of. You will be glad you did! Better yet, consider coming to my Empower Your Pelvis workshop this August 10th in Oakland @theschoolofwonder where we learn what those parts are. Don’t worry, it will be on an anatomical model but then you can practice exploring at home. Or, be on the lookout for my first online course on this very subject coming out by the end of this year! If you are interested in learning more about it or signing up for it, sign up for my newsletter at themasterfulartofselfcare.com to get all the details when the online course becomes available.

Reference: https://www.independent.ie/life/health-wellbeing/health-features/women-have-said-theyre-not-aware-they-even-have-a-pelvic-floor-38328330.html